Apr 24, 2011

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I shot this video footage from my Camano Island home in the Pacific Northwest Puget Sound Washington State. I just recently added this type of feeder after noticing all the finches in the area. Within 2 days this feeder became packed with hungry Pine Siskins and Gold Finches.
I set up a tripod about 7 feet away and mounted my Nikon D5000 camera.
I used the AF-S NIKKOR 55-200mm 1:4-5.6G ED and zoomed it all the way in.
I clicked record and headed back inside the house and waited! I had to cut off the first 1 minute of video since it had no birds visible yet. I threw the SD card into the computer and transfered them to the hard drive. I used CyberLink Video Editing Program to edit and add the text seen in the video. I saved it as an AVI to the hard drive and once that was done I went to YouTube to upload it from there. I love sharing and taking video's every chance I get. I use this camera for work and have it all the time ready to shoot anything on the spot!

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Enjoy... Justin Donnelson
From Camano Island Washington 98282
Video taken on the West Side of Camano Island near Saratoga Passage and Whidbey Island, Wash.

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